Sermon: What it Means that Christ is King

What It Means That Christ Is King, Part 1 by Tim Brassell. This sermon was simply a Celebration of the Shockingly Good and Gracious Good News proclaimed on “Christ the King Sunday” to the congregation and visitors at New Life Fellowship (GCI) in Baltimore, MD.

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  1. Nan Kuhlman on

    Pastor Tim,

    Thanks for this message. We listened to it today in our home church, and we appreciated the “review of the basics” approach. The idea that we have to “work out our faith” is so ingrained that we have to constantly be reminded that our faith isn’t based on what we do (or have done). Your point that “it ain’t God if there isn’t any mystery” is also well-put and well-taken. Somehow we have to become comfortable with not having everything figured out, and maybe the best way to do this is by knowing the love and character of the Triune God better. Your sermon helps make this assurance of our adoption more tangible.

  2. tjbrassell on

    Nan, THANK YOU much for your recent comment! In all truthfulness I preached in MUCH weakness that day and did NOT know what I was going to speak that day before I actually spoke it! It was one of the most frightening and adventurous rides I have ever been on with Jesus! It is my pleasure in the grace of God to have been able to participate with Him in such a mysterious yet real way that others such as yourself found tangible benefit from another proclamation of the Gospel even from a broken vessel of clay! đŸ™‚ As my friend and mentor Robert Capon has taught me to say, “Good and Very Good!”

    Peace, Love and Blessings!

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