The Father and The Son

You are Included in the Father's love of the Son!The love of God the Father for his Son Jesus Christ, in the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, is the fundamental reality of all existence. That means that we need to read every verse of the Bible and interpret every aspect of our lives in the light of the Father and the Son. What would that look like?

We would never think of sin, judgment, redemption, humanity, heaven, hell or anything else in the Bible without defining those subjects based on the way a good and loving Father loves his beloved Son. For example: would a good, loving father torture his son for all eternity even if the son was sorry for what he’d done? No, only a psychotic monster would do that. Therefore anyone who “goes to hell” can leave hell any time they want to.

We would never let the bad stuff in life define God, we would let the Son, Jesus Christ, define God. For example: if my life doesn’t work out the way I want it to, does that mean that God is against me or doesn’t love me? No! Jesus tells me that his Father is 100% on my side and always working for my good. Therefore I believe that all things will work together for my good because of how much the Father loves me in and through the life of his beloved Son.

God is the foundational basis of all reality and existence and he is a loving, good Father loving his beloved Son in the fellowship of the Holy Spirit. Always read everything in existence with that truth as your guiding principle.

~ Jonathan Stepp

5 comments so far

  1. Jeannine on

    YES!!! Thank you, Jonathan!

  2. Pastor Jonathan on

    Thanks for the encouragement – and thanks for sharing it on Facebook!

  3. Jane Hinrichs on

    Pastor Jonathan, Since discovering your blog early this summer (or whenever it was) God has really used it to get me thinking in new ways. I even used your thought about interpreting scripture through the realization of our Loving Father(pleae forgive my paraphrase). That thought alone has made a huge impact on me. I have known the Father is loving for decades, but I never thought about remembering that every time I read scripture. It really is the only way we should interpret scripture. It makes so much sense. Thank you.

  4. Jane Hinrichs on

    Also, please forgive that silly typo. I meant to write “please,” not “pleae”….

  5. Pastor Jonathan on

    Thanks, Jane, I am glad you found our blog! I have really appreciated your comments and thoughts over the last few months.

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