Don’t Miss A Thing!

In a recent and hilarious (to me!) Sears Optical Commercial, a woman is outside calling her cat to come in “Here, kitty….ssss.sssss….Meezer… kitty”, All of a sudden, and in response to her cat call, comes the neighborhood raccoon into the scene! The woman, (blind to the fact that this is a raccoon and not Meezer, the cat!), continues to invite the creature in to “Come snuggle with mama! Itza good girl” (the laughter has begun!) The voice announcer then asks the question “Missing something?” to point out that something is obviously wrong with this picture and we all know what it is! Of course, something is wrong with the woman’s vision and Sears Optical wants us to know that they can solve our sight problem with their special discount sale on glasses. The commercial concludes with the raccoon stretching out comfortably on the woman’s bed, preparing for sleep, with the woman turning off her lamp and saying “Good night mama’s girl!” Ha-ha!

This commercial is a great type of what is going on in our experience of the Gospel; our experience of being Adopted into the Life of the Trinity, in Jesus, in our blindness! Something has happened to our vision!

As with the commercial, we have to admit that there is definitely humor and a Divine comedy, of sorts, happening in our lives that we can and should laugh at regarding our blundering blindness in the Gospel. Thinking about things a little further, though, we also have to admit to the potential horror of waking up to (petting? kissing?) what we invited blindly into our beds as a pet in our darkness!!! Yikes!

It is in this very real possibility of our mis-perception and blindness (sin!) that the Gospel cuts through to us in the various people, circumstances and seasons in our lives to whisper and/or shout: “Missing Something?” or as Jesus put it “What are you after?” (John 1:38). In other words, like the voice of the announcer, there is a Word that cuts through the middle of our messy blindness with questions and statements designed to help us reflect on the truth that we may need a new pair of glasses, a new way of seeing life, if we’re to get what we REALLY want in our “beds”!

Let’s face it! We’ve all had some pet ideas we’ve warmed up to. Ideas that when viewed through a more accurate pair of lenses because of eye exams seemed as crazy and frightening as trading our pet cat for a raccoon in our beds! Unfortunately though, as in the way the commercial leads us to think, rather than getting corrective lenses from a routine eye exam, we most often seem to see the need for new lenses only after the crisis of waking up with a “raccoon” instead of “Mama’s girl”!

As you continue to follow this Trinity and Humanity blog, consider our posts to be like the announcer in the middle of that Sears optical commercial, asking, ”Missing something?” in the middle of our human blindness and darkness. As in the commercial, try not to take all that we blog about too seriously. And don’t forget to laugh and share in the divine comedy of errors we all participate in, in our blindness!

On the other hand, because on this blog we are always writing about the Father, Son and Spirit (2 Cor 13:14), and this God’s purpose to Adopt humanity in Christ(Eph 1:3-5), and the clear basis of these things in scripture (as well as the scriptural proclamation of the Cosmic Christ who created and sustains all things (Col 1:15-20), and in Whom all things live, move and have their being! Acts 17:28), we hope you will take our posts as one more serious call to have your spiritual eyes routinely examined! After all, just like those disciples, in the most intimate places and details of your life and relationships (your “bed”), you are seeking the things that belong there, NOT the things that don’t!

Stayed tuned in, and as the Sears Optical motto also emphasizes “Don’t Miss a Thing!”

– Timothy J. Brassell

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  1. Kimberly Spyker on

    Great Googly eyes, Batman!!! We do need a new prescription not only for eyeglasses but new eyes…the eyes of Jesus!!

  2. tjbrassell on

    Holy Spirit, Kimberly!!! He took you right to the root of the issue – new eyeglasses REALLY means the actual eyesight of Jesus! Wowsa and Amen!

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