The Shack Bible Project

If you aren’t yet aware of John Stonecypher’s new blog, The Shack Bible Project, you might want to click over to it and check it out. John mentioned it in passing in his post here on Monday but I wanted to be sure that everyone knew about it. We’ve also added a permanent link to it in our blogroll.

Thankfully, John will still be posting here on a regular basis and contributing to The Adopted Life. At The Shack Bible Project he will focus on continuing his work of paraphrasing the Scriptures from a Trinitarian, Christ-centered perspective. The paraphrases John has already done, that we’ve posted here and at The Adopted Life, have been a great blessing to many people so I’m sure his new blog will continue that ministry and reach even more people with the good news of humanity’s adoption into the life of the Trinity.

~ Jonathan Stepp

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