YOU Are the Object of God’s Love!

And that means that you will be alive forevermore, somewhere!

Another way of saying that you are the object of the Father, Son and Spirit’s love is to say that the goal of the Father’s love is YOU! That is a far different expression of love than what we sometimes think and express. For instance (and for far too long!) when I didn’t know that the end result of God’s love was the object of his love, I could easily think and say something like this:

That poor man or woman, I sure wish they would repent and embrace God rather than rebel and promote evil. However, because God so loves them, I know that if they don’t repent he will put them to sleep and wipe them off the map forever; annihilate them! Awesome! You see, God’s love is so kind (like mine, only a little stronger!) that he wouldn’t possibly let that man or woman suffer being alive forever, in their rebellion.

Yikes! Do you see the problem with that in the Light of the Trinity?

Understanding in the Person of Jesus that God is the Holy Trinity of Father, Son and Spirit, and that this God IS Love, informs us that within the Being of God is the truth that the Father is FOR the Son and would never want to get rid of Him! That the Son is exactly the same toward the Father, and that the Holy Spirit is exactly the same toward the Father and the Son, and so on!

And if God so loved the world when he gave us his Son and the Holy Spirit, what kind of love did he have toward the world when he did this? Did the Triune God Who so loved the world love his creation with a different love than the love that he IS and shares as Father, Son and Spirit? Could that possibly make sense seeing that he does not change and that he sent his Son and the Spirit, Who are of the same essence and being as himself? If the Triune God sent THAT Son and THAT Spirit, then isn’t God the Trinity loving us with the same love with which he loves the Son and the Spirit (in order to GIVE us Himself, permanently, in the Son and the Spirit?)

And of course that is exactly what the Apostle John writes in John 17:23 regarding Jesus (Who is One in Essence and Being with the Father and the Spirit and the Fullness of God in flesh. Col 2:9):

I in them and you in me, that they may become completely one, so that the world may know that you have sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me.

So, if God the Father, Son and Spirit loves each of us with the love with which he loves himself, and each of the Persons is the object of the other Persons affection and Love (or One they would never think of being apart from in any way!), YOU ARE ALWAYS GOING TO EXIST MY ADOPTED BROTHER AND SISTER!

It is YOU the Father wants, whether you ever respond positively to him or not! This is NOT to say he doesn’t care if you respond or not!  He absolutely DOES care about what you think of him and he DOES want you to return his love to him! That is why he sent his Son and the Holy Spirit into our humanity with the same love he’s always shared with the Son in the communion of the Holy Spirit, so that we might share in his EXACT love!”

Summing things up, and in one very important sense, the Father, Son and Spirit’s love is totally unlike ours! Our fallen love is so weak that it actually seeks to get rid of the object of its love in the name of being nice and loving! You know the way some people in the name of “love” and “kindness” are ready to totally annihilate animals and/or certain races of people, or push the people they “love” into a far away country or place where they can “love” them without seeing or helping them! In the name of God the Trinity, that is NOT the love of the Trinity!

The One and only Triune God wants who and what he has created because he is a true Lover! He is passionate about his creation and has embraced his creation in Jesus in such a permanent way that he will never let it, or any of us, go, even at the risk of our forever rejection and rebellion!

This is, after all, the relational God of scripture who doesn’t even believe in divorce!

“Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.” Matt 19:6

~Timothy J. Brassell

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  1. missjackieboo20 on

    Hey pastor tim it is jackie from church i am on wordpress now. your blog is so inspiring and i love hearing the reassurance how much god loves us.

  2. tjbrassell on

    Thanks Jackie! You are always so encouraging and a source of strength in Christ that I appreciate!

  3. Jacqueline on

    No problem =)

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