God Wanted to be Like You!

Now that is a unique twist on things, isn’t it!?

However, it really is TRUE! Because the Father, Son and Spirit were determined to share their life and love with all of humanity, YOU included, He was determined to be like you!

Think about it! In the Light of Who God the Trinity is, and who we are in Him, it MUST be true that God wants to be like you, like me, like us!

1.) The Revelation of Jesus Christ declares that God the Trinity is unique and there is no other like Him. Specifically, he is uncreated and has always existed. This means that no matter who or what the Triune God brings forth in His creative imagination, it cannot be uncreated as he is! Therefore, whatever is created is forever less than God (to some unfathomable degree), and distinct and “other than” God also.

2.) The Father, Son and Spirit declared in the Person of Jesus that their purpose was not only to create, but to adopt humanity into their relationship through Him. Jesus is the 2nd Person of the Trinity made human without ceasing to be God (Christianity’s greatest truth and mystery!)

3.) With these two basic truths giving us a fundamentally Trinitarian lens on the “why’s” of relationship, creation and the cosmos, and the purpose of life, it should be a little more clear that:

a. To share in God’s life and love CAN’T meant that we become uncreated as God is. Impossible!

b. We are each distinct but also in union with God! (The Father IS and creates and sustains us gracefully in Jesus and the Holy Spirit, therefore we are!)

c. If we are to share in God’s actual life and love forever he MUST become like us, and remain as one of us forever!


What greater compliment could you be given about your worth and specialness as a human being than to know that it is not so much about you becoming like God, but his becoming LIKE YOU that makes all of the difference?!

How could that not transform your present human job, vocation and work, positively? Your human play, vacations and sleep, positively? Your human life and relationships, positively…if you were to take time to embrace and rehearse this truth moment by moment with Jesus????

When the 2nd Person of the Trinity became human forever in Jesus, God the Father, Son and Spirit was validating the Good of YOUR human culture, Unique Expression, Music, Dancing, Food/s, Nationality, Eye Color/s, and even the Good of YOUR uniquely shaped ears, eyes, nose, mouth, body shape AND GENDER! Men AND Women forever!!!! Ha-Ha!!

The Son becoming human was the highest compliment you could have ever been paid by anyone, anywhere! It means your share in the actual life and love of God as an adopted and glorified human being, forever! Humanity (You Included!), is so fantabulous, God the Trinity gave himself to us, to YOU, as one of us, forever!

In the modern and positive street vernacular of my children, THAT’S SIC!!!

~Timothy Brassell

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  1. Paul Kurts on

    Hi Tim, great post. I must ad one caveat and that is that while God does desire to become like one of us and share in our humanity, it is His desire to SHARE HIS DIVINE NATURE WITH US!!! Wow. Not only does God share in our humanity, we share in His Divine nature and receive all the eternal blessings that affords all of us. Is this not a good deal or what?????????????????

    God bless and keep on ‘kicking’

    Daddy Kurts

    • tjbrassell on

      Amen on the divine nature, Daddy Paul! That is what I was saying when I wrote that God, in Christ, wanted us to “share in the actual life and love of God as an adopted and glorified human being, forever!” Peace, Love and Blessings!

  2. Paul Kurts on

    I would like to add one more thought. While it is true that God wants to share in our created humanity, that does not mean that He desires to share in our fallen nature. Those are two different realities. God created our humaness and our natural humanity but that humanity became flawed and fallen resulting in death in Adam. What God wants in to share the life , love, experience, joys and pleasures humaness affords Him. He made it all to be GOOOOOOOOOOD. And He will share in it. Forever.

    • tjbrassell on

      I understand what you are saying yet again Daddy Kurts! Right on! God, in Christ, did not want to participate in our fallenness as one who was fallen, but it was certainly his great PLEASURE to participate in our fallen nature without being fallen in it, especially if that is what it took to have us share in his divine nature! “Who for the joy that was set before him, endured the cross, despising the shame…” and “Do not be afraid, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” Woo-Hoo!!!

  3. Paul Kurts on

    Good points , Tim. Yes participating in our fallen nature with us and yet not experiencing falleness in His being personally.

    It is like Jesus healing the leprous man. Jesus participated in the man’s life and illness by loving and healing him, yet Jesus did not personally experience the illness of leprosy.

    Jesus is eternally Savior and Emmanuel alwayws with us and in us.

    I think I said this correctly.

    God bless,


    • tjbrassell on

      Daddy Kurts, thanks for your ongoing participation and dialogue! You make great points about the tremendous and qualitative changes that will be made in our human bodies because of the complete rightness of Jesus living without sin in our sinful human bodies! Amen! Unlike how Jesus physically healed the leprous man in his time on earth, he actually healed our humanity from the INSIDE OUT – seeing what we saw as we see it, and experiencing the penalty of sin without sinning. He became sin for us. He can sympathize with our weaknesses because he actually experienced them without being weak in them! This is why his entire life was a crucifixory experience – he experienced our illnesses without being ill in them and this caused him to sweat “great drops of blood” as it were! Wow! This is profound stuff! Love you!

  4. Paul Kurts on

    Thanks Tim for your continuing dialogue on this subject. I think Paul articulates all of this well in I Cor. 15 when he describes our “new” bodies , still human but changed. He says the old man dies, is burried in its fallnness and sinfulness called by Paul corruption and dishonor and raised still human in the new glorified body in incorruption and imperishable. Raised a spiritual body and we shall bear the “likeness of the MAN from heaven.” In the new body we shall receive there is not the inherent capability for excercising the fallenness of the life inherited from the first Adam, that existence is burried and gone. Burried in dishonor and weakness and a natural body. The New man is raised in glory and power LIKE the Man Jesus and we “shall see Him as He is.” I Jn.3:2. We shall be Like Him. He is a Man to be sure. We will be also men and women in our humanity as He is forever.

    The Mortal must be clothed with Immortality or new life, real life which is only in Jesus. It will be imperishable and eternal and lasting totally lacking the DOWNWARD PULLS OF THE FLESH we all have now. That mortality of ours is is shed in the resurrection we experience in Jesus’ resurrection.

    Thank God a NEW day is coming for all of us.


    Daddy Paul Kurts

  5. tjbrassell on

    Amen, Daddy Kurts!

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