Big Government

Some good friends of mine went to D.C. last weekend to protest big government – which I really respect. They have the courage to voice their convictions and speak up when they want their government to change.

Their trip got me to thinking about big government. One of the biggest of big government programs is the military and pretty much the most expensive thing we’re doing as a country right now is waging war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Ending those wars and cutting military spending in half would be a huge step forward in reducing the size of government.

It seems like there’s a very militaristic streak in American society.

Generally, Americans hate big government but when it comes to armies and wars we generally say “the bigger the better!”

Thinking about this also got me to thinking about this picture again, a picture I first linked to in a blog post on my old Neo-Reformation blog back in February.

When I look at that picture I feel like I’m seeing the very antithesis of big government warfare and I wonder when we as Christians will start to see the world more like that picture than we do now.

Just some food for thought.

~ Jonathan Stepp

3 comments so far

  1. Boyd Merriman on

    Now THAT is Inclusion!


  2. Pastor Jonathan on


  3. Margaret Johnson on

    Yes, inclusion! We should see the whole creation like this including all our leaders who have been placed where they are.

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