Beautiful Music

Are you looking for music that is rooted in the Trinity? I know I have been!

There’s a lot of Christian music that I like, but I have to admit that a lot of the songs I like don’t fully express the beauty of humanity’s adoption into the Trinity through Jesus.

One artist who is expressing the gospel of our adoption is Vanessa Kersting.

I’ve been blessed to know Vanessa and her music for a couple of years now, but when she visited our congregation here in Nashville this past Sunday – and led worship – I was reminded of just how special her gift is. Not only is she a gifted musician who writes beautiful music, she also knows the gospel and can express it in music. The lyrics of her songs are infused with the life of the Trinity in a way that few other artists’ songs are.

Here are some examples of lyrics from songs on her new album, For all the Times:

Into the world you came / into the world you sustain / forever You are with us, forever You are here / a babe in all it’s frailty / embracing all our humanity ~ from Emmanuel

You hold all things together, You’re the center of it all / You embraced all things forever, You’re the center of it all / You’re beautiful, so beautiful, my mind can’t comprehend / You’re beautiful, so beautiful, Your love it never ends / in You death’s defeated, You’re the center of it all / with You we are seated, You’re the center of it all ~ from Center of It All

Christ is in the Father / the Father is in Christ / Christ is in humanity / and humanity’s in Christ / Christ is in our darkness / Christ is in our pain / when all that’s around us fails / the truth of Christ remains ~ from Christ in Us

You can learn more about Vanessa, check out her music, and even buy her new album at

~ by Jonathan Stepp

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