Trinity and Humanity

Jesus is the good news that God the Trinity and Humanity now live in union with each other and it’s excitement about this good news that keeps me (Jonathan Stepp) and Tim Brassell blogging.

For the past 18 months Tim and I have been publishing The Adopted Life and blogging about humanity’s adoption as children of the Father in Jesus. Beginning today we are merging our two blogs, Neo-Reformation and GodLikesYou, into a single blog that we will both contribute to on a regular basis.

Why? Writing a blog is hard work! If we work together on a single blog instead of each working on our own blogs we can cut that work load in half. Don’t forget, we each pastor two churches, serve as District Pastoral Leaders, and we each have two young children at home. Tim also finds other ways to get in trouble and I have a lot of T.V. watching to do.

You’ll find the same encouraging, Trinity-centered, and occasionally hate-mail inducing reflections on the adopted life here that you came to expect on each of our blogs – it’ll just be half as much of it from each of us.

~ by Jonathan Stepp

P.S. If you subscribed by email or reader to our old blogs you’ll want to click the appropriate option over in the sidebar to make sure you receive updates from this new blog.

3 comments so far

  1. Jerome on

    Pastor Tim and Pastor Jonathan on ONE BLOG? Should be quite combustible!

    Blessings on the new endeavor! We all appreciate you two!

  2. Pastor Jonathan on

    Thanks, Jerome! Seems appropriate that you should be the first to comment, you have been a regular and appreciated contributor over the months on both of our blogs.

  3. David on

    Thanks for your time writing in this now one blog. I am delighted of all your comments and reflexion on Trinity. There is so much to learn and your writings are a great help.


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