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Right Questions: An approach to violent Bible texts

Some of us find it difficult to find the Triune God of Grace in the more violent sections of the Hebrew Scriptures.  This is something I personally have wrestled with for a long time, and none of the easier options have worked for me.  It is so important for me to worship Jesus as the Word incarnate, in whose Light all revelation is transformed. But at the same time, I know that the Scriptures are there to tell me things I cannot tell myself, so I find that I cannot simply discard the parts of the Bible that aren’t comfortable for me.

This sermon outlines a way of approaching Scriptures in a way that is sensitive to these concerns, but also emphasizes the question “What question is this text trying to answer? When I go to the book of Joshua with the question ‘How violent is God?’ am I disrespecting the text by asking it to answer something it is not meant to answer?  The audio is here:

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