Most Naturally an Atheist

I don’t believe in God and

I don’t know anything about God.


But I keep having this experience –

in liturgy, in family, in bread, and wine, and life –

where an unseen Spirit (like fire or wind)

speaks to my heart of a man named Jesus,

who died and yet is alive.


This Jesus believes in God

and knows God

and through the Spirit

Jesus keeps sharing with me

his faith and knowledge of God.


He shares with me his knowledge

that God is a good and faithful Father,

and he shares with me his faith in the Father;

And that is all I have: the faith of Jesus in the Father

shared with me through the Spirit.


And that is enough.

~ Jonathan Stepp

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  1. Ann Hutchison on

    Ah Jonathan, you put into words just how I feel: I spent a long time intellectualizing around matters of faith: to believe or not to believe. I finally asked God Himself whether He existed and what was true. I didn’t really mind what I found, I just wanted to know. I then found myself in a place where it was purely the testimony of His spirit that adhered me, like super-glue, to belief in Jesus Christ. That testimony of the spirit is so strong that I could sooner cut off my right arm than disbelieve. I myself am naturally an atheist, but Jesus doesn’t let me go far …

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