The Death of Us All

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  Happy Easter! ~Bill Winn (click the image for a larger view)

Graciously drawn for me by Miss Alex Minor, art student at VCU

Graciously drawn for me by Miss Alex Minor, art student at VCU

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  1. Beloved on

    2 Cor. 5:14 “The love of Christ resonates within us and leaves us with only one conclusion: Jesus died humanity’s death; therefore, in God’s logic every individual simultaneously died.” (The word, sunecho, [resonates] from sun, meaning together with and echo, meaning to echo, to embrace, to hold, and thus translated, to resonate. Jesus didn’t die 99% or for 99%. He died humanity’s death 100%! If Paul had to compromise the last part of verse 14 to read: “one died for all therefore only those who follow the prescriptions to qualify, have also died,” then he would have had to change the first half of the verse as well! Only the love of Christ can make a calculation of such enormous proportion! Theology would question the extremity of God’s love and perhaps prefer to add a condition or two to a statement like that!) ~The Mirror Bible by Francois DuToit

    As Christians, how big do we think the love of God is? Only big enough to save a few…or BIG enough to undo the entire Fall of the human race (all) AND bring us (all) into the resurrected live of Him who saved us. Yeah, my God’s BIG enough for that and so much more than I can even fathom.

    • billwinn on

      wow, The Mirror Bible says it so well. Beloved, Indeed our God is big enough and loving enough to save us all.

  2. Leona Forste on

    I heard the account of my girlfriend’s brother who died last Friday. She said he gave his friend who does funerals a list of scriptures to use at his funeral after he was given his poor prognosis that he was dying very shortly. He planned the funeral from a to z and told the friend the songs and besides the scriptures also asked him to not preach at his friends and family, to just celebrate his life. The place was packed with family and friends who gave their loved ones stories, And people were amazed that he had been such a blessing in so many lives and was a humble man from those who knew him. As a young man he was a bible reader and left his bible with all kinds of notes. His sister told me he had not attended the church after he left home and was never baptized. Yet he had the scripture read that said all were baptised with Christ. My girlfriend said it was the most beautifully done funeral she had been to and her first and now this Brother and her Mother were all lay in their caskets in this church building. That she had learned the truth of our baptism, death, resurrection, and taken to the the throne of God with Christ and made this a day of joy and comfort instead of a day of sorrow and wondering. We were all blessed by this Good news.

  3. Virginia McNeely on

    This was good, I have moved back to WV and am attending the Ripley church.

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