Rebuilding the foundations of human thought

foundationThe gospel subverts the foundations of every idea humanity has ever had.  What follows is an attempt to start rebuilding those foundations.

Because Jesus has died and been raised:

  • Theology – Creaturely life operates by the Spirit within the Son’s relationship with the Father.
  • History – The true story of any society is the story of those it has crucified.
  • Economics – Human needs are ultimately met by gifts, not transactions.
  • Anthropology – The supposed rightness of human sacrifice has been exposed as false, and therefore can no longer function as the glue that holds societies together.
  • Biology – Death is a temporary condition.
  • Space Exploration – Every point of time and space is occupied by a human being. Human colonization of the cosmos has begun, and has in some ways already been completed.

What needs to be added to this list?

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  1. tjbrassell on

    The Fine and Applied Arts – The only Original, Free and Aesthetically Creative Expression and Act in Word and Deed is the Father’s Son, Jesus. Authentic Art is Jesus. We participation in this authentic act from the Father’s painting, sculpture, architecture, music, poetry, theater and dance, film, photography, conceptual art, printmaking, design and decoration, through His Son, and in the Spirit.

    Help me think this one out John! Taking the challenge and jumping in with both feet, hopefully! 🙂

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