Layers of Lies

Collette Bliss is an amazing young lady who comes from a family full of very talented people. From theology to singing to musical instruments and drama the members of her family is one of the most widely gifted I have ever met. This year at The Rock Summer Camp ( ) Collette performed a poetry slam she had written about make up and the way it is sometimes misused to mask and cover pain. The pain she addresses is pain she has seen in the lives of those around her who are not blessed to come from such a wonderful family as she.

Fathers especially pay attention… and moms… go get your husbands and ask them to watch this with you.

The Lord’s Cosmos is a better place because Collette Bliss exists! Let her bless you today with this insightful poetry slam. Just click the blue link “Layers of Lies

~Bill Winn

Layers of Lies

Collette Slamming Lies

Collette Slamming Lies

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