Liar Liar

Liar Liar
Recently I have found myself inside out, upside down, and in many ways dismayed.
You see often we who write and preach and teach the Gospel of Jesus fall into the trap of thinking we are further along in our freedom than we are really. You see, throughout our lives we make judgments about ourselves and others that may or may not be right or even healthy. We may decide “I’m too fat”, and then live out of that judgment to such a degree that we develop an eating disorder. We might hear that from school yard bullies or just come to believe it because the celebrated ones in our society are often extremely thin. But in any case the judgments we make are often rooted in lies. The trouble for us is when we live in agreement with those lies. We hurt ourselves and we hurt others both emotionally and too often physically.Liar Liar
Recently my mentor prayed for myself and three friends as we embarked on a three-day canoe trip/ sabbatical. He prayed that Holy Spirit would reveal to us where we walk in agreement with lies and that the dams we erect in our souls would begin to be torn down so that the River of Living Waters might flow through us with greater ease.
The process of healing sure is uncomfortable. Maybe it is painful mostly at the beginning. Maybe the pain gets worse. I’ll have to get back to you on that one in the next few months. In any case I am sure that when the Father, Son, and Spirit lead us to a place in our lives where healing can begin it is for our liberation not for our torment.
Come Holy Spirit of renewal indeed and reveal to us all where we have accepted the lies of the Evil One and where and how we live in agreement with those lies. Work in us to heal and not to harm. “Steal behind the watchful dragons”* of our souls” and heal us where we are hurting, ashamed, and most afraid. In Jesus’ name Amen.
~Bill Winn

*see C.S. Lewis in The Window in the Garden

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  1. john mckenna on

    The healing we need in the depths of our being cannot be realized until, like Job, suffer the Trinity’s revealing and reconciling power with and for us in Himself, where and when we may be restored 7-fold from all our lies about who we are and who He truly is with us.
    John McKenna

  2. billwinn on

    Dr. McKenna, Indeed 7-fold. The sound of that makes my soul sing.
    thank you,

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