He Gave Gifts To Men (All People!)

Gifts and Talents

Do you know where you fit in?! Because God the Father is “over all and through all and in all” through Jesus, and by the Spirit, you most definitely fit in and have a Gift! At the very least your Gift is the Relational God Himself, Who never gives you something apart from Himself being involved! But this Relational God shares some of Who He is and what He has with YOU, in all of His creativity and talent, so that you can share in Him and His variety with others! Gifts aren’t simply a “churchy”, “religious” experience, they are a love experience of people in relationship with God and others!

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  1. lmforsteLeona Forste on

    I spent over 40 years wondering what God was using me for, and never was sure that I wasnt making myself a spot to fit into on my own. I had a worthless sense of my self as a teen ager, and somehow thought that God was the only one who even loved me at times. So I quit worrying about my worth and just stepped in where ever I could to Love People. It is something God does in me in the Spirit and something that flows out of me. He gave me gifts of being a Mother of 8, so I have learned to Mother. Thats the best thing I could ever do and the most satisfying. So I work at Mothering no matter how old the people are around me. And the older they get the more they need hugs and kisses. And just to spend time with them heals a lot of their miseries. Now that my Mother has dementia she even calls me Mother. I have worked in music in the church and solo things for about 43 years and it has brought me personal satisfaction. But now that I am senior and my kids are grandparents and just when I thought I was about to be of no benefit to anyone, I have such a fire in me to love people and encourage them, I now can understand why I experienced so much suffering in my early life. I know how to comfort and encourage. And that is a gift that I can add to my deep joy in the Lord. If I can encourage them just to read Paul Kurts Trinitarian Letters, that maybe they will find the meaning of why we are on this earth and what our relationship is to our loving God, Jesus and Holy spirit that is constantly working with us.
    Thank you for your wonderful posts.
    Your friend in Christ, Leona

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