Are You Embracing The Obedience Of Jesus?

Obedience of Jesus


As we begin our Gospel “On The Fly” participation approach to  weekly Worship services, it seems the Spirit met and led us to consider that maybe obedience is not so much something we give to God but something God the Father, Son and Spirit has given to us graciously in Jesus the God/Man! See what you think!




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  1. Jerome on

    Good one, Pastor Tim! By being participatory, folks are more likely to be engaged and even transformed by the message because they are part of it! Plus, it definitely shows moment-by-moment trust in the leading of the Holy Spirit. I imagine that you spent quite a bit of time in prayer before “doing church” this way, and it shows! I’ll bet it’s exciting to live this way! I’ve thought about doing something like this. Look forward to seeing you in Orlando! (also, great post on Bobby Grow’s “The Evangelical Calvinist” blog).

    • tjbrassell on

      Thanks Pastor Jerome! 🙂 Yes, this all came about by crisis and didn’t make any sense until now! I began to have an “unexplainable” issue with preaching “out of the blue” that stymied me and compelled me into prayer, thought and conversation. Finally – WALLA, I heard from the Holy Spirit in that fellowship and everything clicked! It is exciting and I am sure you’ll get to enjoy it locally at some point too! Orlando – Be there (Or I’m coming to get you!) HaHa! Glad to see Bobby talking out some of these important Gospel implications! Peace and Love!

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