Sermon: O Lord . . . You Restored Me to Health!, Part B

O Lord…You Restored Me To Health!, Part B by Tim Brassell

This message of God’s Good News revealed in Jesus helps us appreciate and appropriate the completely healed and restored humanity available to us from the Father, through Jesus, and by the Spirit. Special emphasis is placed on the availability of present physical healing and how we can participate with Jesus in receiving it for ourselves and others in His grace!

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  1. Virginia on

    You should have the healing prayer on the tape so some of us could hear it and got healed too.

  2. tjbrassell on

    Greetings Virginia and thanks for your response! I agree with you. I should have had a prayer recorded that reflected the heart of the message so our larger audience could participate in the healing more. I will try to remember and practice that more in the future. I may still try to work one on that recording and have it re-posted.

    It was a really special day as we elders literally prayed for almost all who attended that day – a line for physical healing and a line for mental/emotional/relational healing. They came up as individuals, family and friends.

    Our prayers went like this:

    “Father, you know the affliction that causes this person to suffer, and we are grateful for the symptoms revealed that help us to know there is a problem so that we can bring it to You in prayer. We now look away from the problem and to Your Son Jesus and our real lives hidden in Him. We are thankful that 2000 years ago You sent Him to share in and bear our burdens, sickness and disease, undoing them in His life. Thank you for crucifying, killing off and burying all forms of death and disease in Jesus’ crucifixion, death and burial. We also thank you for raising us up a new, healed and completely restored humanity in the Resurrection of Jesus, in the Communion and Power of the Holy Spirit. We receive this as the Truth of our lives and all lives in the Risen Son and ask that the Healed and Restored Life of Your Son may be manifest in our bodies, minds and relationships NOW and that we would taste and see that You are Good!! We receive this Good News and Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You in all gratitude and appreciation! To You, Father, in Jesus’ name, and in the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit we pray, Amen!”

    After praying for each person we shouted out their names to the rest of the congregation and asked them to Thank and Praise God for that particular person (and their family or friends). Somehow, through all of the crying and praising and clapping we finally got them all prayed for, and our congregation KNEW by experience the healing of the Father, Son and Spirit that day!!! I don’t know that we’ve bonded in the Spirit more than in that moment! Wow!

    Thanks, Peace, Love and Blessings!

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