Sermon: We Believe in the Body of Christ, Part 9B

We Believe in the Body of Christ, Part 9B by Tim Brassell

So, who is the Church AND what is the difference between the Church and the World if Everyone is already Included in the Love and Life of God the Father, Son and Spirit, through Jesus and by Grace? The last few messages in this series on the Nicene Creed are an attempt to clarify some good Gospel answers to that question.

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  1. John on

    Thanks Tim
    I appreciate moving from nature to flesh so that we may come to see our own absolute depths of depravity in our bodies and that Jesus is not absent but present in our own mythology. Wow! God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit administers by His faith His mind of what is real.

  2. tjbrassell on

    Thank You John! Glad the Good News resonates with you so enthusiastically and with a lot less mythology in His gracious education and shared faith!

    Peace, Love and Blessings!

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