God’s Good Judgment

When you think of a Father’s judgment on his kids, what comes to mind? If you are talking about God the Father it may not be what you think!

This audio will help you get a better perspective on the Father’s judgment:

God’s Good Judgment by Tim Brassell

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  1. Pastor Jonathan on

    This is one of your best audio posts ever! It not only encouraged me in my heart about how my Dad in heaven is working in my life it also helped me see how I can be a better Dad to my kids. This is the power of the gospel. Anybody who’s looking at the comments but hasn’t listened to this post yet – listen to it already! 🙂

  2. tjbrassell on

    Thanks for the feedback Jonathan! It’s helping me to be a better dad, too! 🙂

  3. Don Hussell on

    Tim: You are very blessed in having a Father who affirmed you….I recently came back from the Shack Conference put on by Baxter, and in Baxter’s portion, he made the comment that the mother’s job was to care and nurture the child and the fathers job was to Affirm the child…..we see people driven in their lives to be successful and not knowing what is driving them….I’ve been there…driven to hear and father say, this is my son who I am well please,but it never happens because they are dead….even as a pastor, we can be driven not by the love for Jesus but to be affirmed…I visit a friend in prison, in for life without mercy….I have wondered how many young women and men are in there situation becaue they never had a father like yours….I also noticed that Jesus’s affirmed him not in priviate but for other to hear…..This is my son, I am well pleased….We can learn alot from the Father of our Lord and Savior, in there relationship with one another, Thanks for you guys and all your work…let us scream out to humanity, You Father has affirmed you in His Son…..your physcial father have missed it but not your heavenly Father…….Don

  4. tjbrassell on

    Hey Don! Glad you got to make “The Shack” conference, and sorry I didn’t get to! I like what Baxter had to say about the roles of mother and father. Right on! It definitely confirms the experience I had in my family. My father was affirming. The Lima News once did an article on my family, highlighting my mothers nurturing.

    Profound consequences and things you had to say about the repercussions of our not knowing and hearing the Gospel! Wowsa! I join you in the scream of Jesus and His affirmation,and pray for the whole world to join us in the experiential Dance, Dream and Scream of the Trinity! Ha-Ha! Thanks for your comments! Peace, Love and Blessings!

  5. Jerome on

    Thanks for that encouraging post, Pastor Tim! It was beautiful! I am so thankful that the Father, Son and Spirit made us in God’s image…He wants us to live in the relational wholeness that marks His existence. Father in heaven, thank you for living in Rufus Brassell, for showing His kids, including Timothy, what Your judgement is all about! Amen! Sadly, Pastor Tim, I have friends that believe that that kind of relating to one another in love (in the way we humans understand love), is just for humans, just for “down here” – that the love of God is not the same at all. Thankfully, to borrow a phrase from Romans 5, Jesus shows us that God is the “how much more” God!

  6. tjbrassell on

    Hey Jerome! Thanks for the uplifting and very personal comments! Whenever I read your writing, I always perceive a man filled with the River of Living Water so much so, that, in the grace of Jesus, it keeps flowing out of your belly and on to everyone and everything else around you! Thanks for spilling some on me, and on those friends of yours who still need more in their yet dry and thirsty visions of the Father! 🙂 Peace, love and Blessings!

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