Tools of God

We will all end up sleeping away about 1/3 of our lives. (About 8 hrs out of every 24 we live).

Besides that, most of us need three meals a day – plus a snack or two in between. And if you isolate us from other people for more than a day or two we start getting a little wacky – make it a few months and we go insane.

Imagine you owned an MP3 player that had to have 8 hrs. of downtime out of every 24 hours and had to recharge its batteries at least three times during every 16 hrs. that it’s operational.

Would you call that an efficient machine? I sure wouldn’t! Frankly, I’d throw the thing away and get a better one.

What if that same MP3 player needed constant interaction with other MP3 players in order to function at its best? What if it needed daily interface with other machines – not just to download new songs but just to transmit trivial information back and forth like “how efficiently are your songs playing back today?” and “what’s your sound quality like?” I can’t even imagine how frustrating that would be!

Such an MP3 player would serve no useful purpose for me.It would be a useless tool and a worthless instrument.

Perhaps that’s why the Father of our brother Jesus does not call us “tools” or “instruments” but “beloved children” –  adopted forever into the life that he and his Son share with us in their Spirit.

~ Jonathan Stepp

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