Here’s a Trinitarian paraphrase of Matthew 5:3-16

(3) The Triune Life has been freely given to all.  If you are spiritually impoverished, shout ‘WOOHOO!’ for this gift does not depend on your religious skills.

(4) If you are sad, shout ‘WOOHOO!’ for you will be comforted.

(5) If you are unassertive, shout ‘WOOHOO!’ for your inheritance does not depend on your ability to assert your right to it.

(6) If you are starved for the world to be put right, shout ‘WOOHOO!’ because you will get what you want.

(7) If you are kind to people who don’t deserve it, shout ‘WOOHOO!’ because the Trinity is like that too.

(8) If you long for an undistorted vision of Papa, shout ‘WOOHOO!’ because you will receive the desire of your heart.

(9) If you constantly find yourself in between warring parties, shout ‘WOOHOO!’ because you are behaving just like your Papa.

(10) If your fight for social justice gets you in trouble, shout ‘WOOHOO!’ because you are already experiencing the Triune Life that has been given to you.

(11) If people spread lies about you and insult you because of me, shout ‘WOOHOO!’ (12) because you are experiencing the life of Jesus in the world; you are in good company.

(13) Like a pinch of salt in a big pot of soup, you ‘little people’ have a much greater effect on the world than you’d think.  The trick is to stay spicy; it’s hard to be different from everybody else, but that’s the whole point.  The world already has plenty of landscaping pebbles; what it needs now is salt, really SALTY salt.

(14) Through you, light is coming into the world.  Like a city on a hill, you will be seen—just by you being you.  (15) And nobody puts a candle under a bowl; they put it on a  stand, where its light can bless everyone. (16) So don’t hide who you are. When people see the love inside you, they will see Papa and love Him.

~ John Stonecypher

6 comments so far

  1. Jerome on

    That was just plain beautiful, John. What else can I say but “WOOHOO!!!”

  2. Pastor Jonathan on

    I agree, Jerome, I’m looking forward to more of John’s paraphrases in the weeks to come – he is really bringing scripture to life for me.

  3. Margaret on

    Does this mean that whatever you are desiring, you are really desiring God?

  4. Pastor Jonathan on

    I think it does – in the sense that we are desiring what the Father, Son, and Spirit created us for: to share in loving, peaceful, joyful relationship forever. We may twist our desire into something evil but the desire itself is the desire for what we were created for.

  5. Benjamin on

    abounding in loveliness…bringing peace to thousands

  6. Helen Brothers on

    Pator Johnathan,

    Yes, it’s good to shout WOOHOO! Just what I needed to hear at this time, coming out of the darkness into the light.

    Keep up the good news. God said it’s going out to the whole world. You are helping make it happen!


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