No Stronger Message

The Father has adopted all humanity – does that sound like a wimpy gospel of “easy-believism”? The message of humanity’s adoption is not a watered down gospel – it’s the strongest message ever delivered!

This 15 min. audio will help you see more clearly that There is No Stronger Message than the Gospel of Adoption

~ By Tim Brassell

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  1. Jerome on

    Wooo-Hooooooooo!!! Brother Timothy! Are you SURE your name isn’t Barnabas????? What encouragement! Or, maybe you are a LONG-lost brother of the apostles John and James, another “son of thunder?” I guarantee you I will be passing out CD’s with THIS message on it! AMEN!

  2. tjbrassell on

    Thanks Jerome! How honoring to even be named alongside the likes of Barnabas (a biblical character of encouragement I have appreciated for many years now!) May all those with whom you are in contact be as blessed by your presence, words and encouragement as I have been through your joyful response! Peace, Love and Blessings!

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