Sharing In Jesus’ Ministry To Those Dealing With Same-sex Attraction!, pt. 1

Jesus Love One Another Darry DLibrary2 Cor 5.16

Because of Who Jesus is and what He has made of humanity in Himself, what do we know about the identity of every person? Where do we begin participating with Jesus IN HIS MINISTRY to those dealing with Same-sex attraction and the LGBT tribe? That’s what this message seeks to answer and clarify in the Light of the Relational God the Father, Son and Spirit revealed in the Person of Jesus Christ – God as Man!

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  1. Bill Winn on

    Love it Timothy!… you good Gospel sharing, people lovin’, truth tellin’, Triune life participatin’, Spirit led educatin’, Father, Son, and Spirit followin’ dude!

    • tjbrassell on

      HaHaHa…Thank you Bill Winn! đŸ™‚ Love and Like You MUCH!

  2. Leona Forste on

    My sister was known to be gay from the time she was about 16, and said she was that way at a much earlier age, believing she was not loved by her parents. I had no idea of what that was. I only know that I loved her. I went through her existance with her as her eldest sister from about 1960 until her death in 2004. She told me that when she read the Plain Truth it opened a door to her she wanted to walk through but was too afraid. She spent years talking to me about God. She died in a car wreck and told me many times that she would go to her grave waiting for God to heal her. Because of this article that I became aware of earlier this year being taught in GCI, I was so glad I stayed in a love relationship with her as my sister and forgave her for what she couldn’t help on her own. Our mother left us when we were under 8 years old and my sis was 4. And she was molested when she was about 5 when we went to visit her. It destroyed much of my sisters normalcy and childhood and affected all of us our whole lives. I am so grateful that we have repented of our lack of love and judgement and have such peace knowing God is merciful. My heart was broken for her and yet there is deep down joy for meeting my Triune father who loves her more than I ever could.

    • tjbrassell on

      Thanks for sharing a part of your story along these lines Leona! Thank Jesus our heart knows what it takes a long time for our heads to get around, and that we often act out our Reality in Christ without realizing it! I share in that deep down joy of the Father, Son and Spirit you speak of! Much Love and Peace to You and Family in Him! đŸ™‚

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