Jesus – Our Lifetime Resolution

13.01.06 Jesus – Our Lifetime Resolution (3.1-12) – TAH Guest

Because of Who Jesus is and who YOU and all of humanity is in Him, we can look at Resolutions for the New Year in a fresh and encouraging Light, so says Guest Pastor Richard Andrews of New Life Fellowship in Baltimore, Maryland!

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  1. kuhlmancraig on

    Hey brother Richard,

    The last time I heard your voice was in Palm Desert, and with the wonders of technology, and Pastor Tim’s help, just heard it again!

    Loved to hear of your stories with Venida and teen children, and to know you are all well (despite the CDO meltdown). It’s obvious that your days as a fellow club pres have treated you well, along with the tremendous tutelage I’m sure you are receiving from Tim. If he hasn’t personally shared with you, or you haven’t heard it from others, please ask him to walk you through how he was personally used by the one you so eloquently spoke of, to deliver the tremendous understanding our denomination holds of Trinitarian Incarnational theology. It will blow you away. Learn all you can from the man, he is truly an inspiration to me (especially since I participated in coaching him in YOU track long before my AC days when I literally looked down to him in his early teen years 🙂

    Thank you for the tremendous message. We can never ever hear enough of our participation in Jesus, and who we are in Him. Amen! What a great way to start your congregation off on their new year. If you wouldn’t mind, I’d love to get a copy of those 5-6 pages of who we are in Jesus (thanks in advance).

    God bless you, Venida, and fam.

    “Your brother, from another mother,”

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