Jesus Loves Japan

Jesus Loves Japan
They’re in His Father’s Plan
Adopted and Included
Every boy, girl, woman and man

Jesus Loves Japan
Though the earth strong shake, move and
Strong Tsunami threaten life
Still they in His Fathers Hand

Jesus Loves Japan
In Him Their Grace they stand
Appear to fall through treacherous crack
But in Him safely land

Jesus Loves Japan
Through tears and anguish can
And will appear in Flesh to be
Wounded with us again, and again!

Jesus Loves Japan
in Person He demands
That ships and foods and monies be sent
To renew and feed and mend!

Jesus Loves Japan
in Hell and from Heav-en
Declares and blares for help to come
through Facebook and CNN!

Jesus Loves Japan
In Sweetness He commands
The blood and firestorm to stop
Through Nurse and Fireman!

Jesus Loves Japan
Though eyes now blind, taste bland
Will reveal to all (though birth pangs long)
Their sight, food, and birth in Him!

Jesus Loves Japan
From Father Forever Man
In Holy Spirit, Creation and Trinity
With all till He come again

©Timothy Brassell, 2011

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