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Y(Our) Struggles Aren’t Against Flesh and Blood, Part 2 (Ephesians 6.10-20)

12.09.16 Y(Our) Struggles Aren’t Against Flesh And Blood (Eph 6.10-20) – TAH

What if Spiritual Warfare has more to do with Who God the Father, Son and Spirit is as Love and Reconciliation, than who and what evil is as hate and division? What if we looked at spiritual warfare through God’s “Love Glasses”?; might we not then see personal evil (and its accompanying sin and disease) more as a sickness to be healed and not as a”roach” to be exterminated? You are encouraged in this series to embrace the Relational God revealed in Jesus and let Him be not only Central but Sovereign as you consider every topic in the Light of Him, including who and what the Church is as it participates uniquely with Christ!

Y(Our) Struggles Aren’t Against Flesh and Blood! Part 1

Y(our) Struggles Aren’t Against Flesh And Blood, Part 1 (Eph 6.10-20)

Have you ever looked at a horrible or sad situation in your life and KNEW, “Yep, the struggle is REAL!”? Pastor Timothy Brassell helps us see that the struggles we all face are personal and real – and sometimes personally evil – in the first of this 5 part series on “The Reality of Spiritual Warfare!”.  This ISN’T your typical Spiritual Warfare series, but Jesus-centered insight and encouragement coming out of the heart of the Relational God that Jesus Reveals! As usual, it exalts God the Father, Son and Spirit and how He foresaw the struggles within His creation, planning from before the foundation of the world that it would  experience victory over all struggles in Jesus, and know Him as the Good News right in the middle of them!

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