The Creator Destroys And Redeems! » Genesis 6, 9 Noah finds Grace

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  1. John on

    First and foremost I am a sojourner finding myself in continual renewal as my mind is turned and submitted to the mind of Jesus Christ so that by the convincing presence of the Holy Spirit I may come to know Papa. What I am saying I am learning to behave according to the way reality is structured, my true identity.

    I must tell you a story, an imaginary story, a father had 10 children who he loved with great unconditional passion. Why? Because they were his offspring. Over time he discovered though that 9 were continually living against the family name, that had been stamped on them since birth, with violence and grievous acts of most heinous sin against him. Even though he thought of them originally as very good, he chose in his righteous judgment to kill them all, including their babies and livestock, so that he could start over again with the one on whom he showed favour. He would covenant with him and his family all of the family inheritance.

    God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit is Light which is also the same as Life as John writes to us. There is no darkness in Him, period. Jesus is the only one who has seen the Father and who reveals Him as Love, something all of us cannot grasp.
    This Light or Life are not given to us from the pages of the Bible but from the ingrafted Word which redeemed all humanity. It is only from the mind of Jesus that we can discern the Bible with confidence and surety, a God to man view as opposed to the other way around.

    Do I understand all this? No! This I know, the God I believe in today does not make mistakes, He is much bigger and better then I can ever comprehend. That is why Jesus was already crucified before the foundation of the world. All of this has nothing to do with me or you being right or wrong, but everything to do with Jesus, the foundation of all truth.
    What I have come to know is that I was one of those nine in the story above and whether I was born back then or in this time, makes no difference for we have all been born into eternity at the same time. He did not make a mistake with me or any other human being, for God is Love and holds all things together.

    I am just starting a conversation because I do not have it figured out!

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