How To Share God’s Good News With Others! pt.2

9-21-2015 Sharing jesus 6-13-14 PM

How do we proclaim God’s Good News clearly, as we should? 

How do we let our conversation be always full of grace and  seasoned with salt (tasty!), so that we may know how to answer everyone?

How can we be wise in the way we act toward others and make the most of every opportunity when sharing Jesus? 


This message gets into the practical basics of thinking about and sharing the Good News, so take part by:

1.) grabbing a pen or pencil,

2.) downloading this worksheet: How To Share God’s Good News With Others- TAH (fill in the blank) , and,

3.) filling-in-the-blanks as you prepare to teach what you are learning!


(Here is part 1 if you are wondering:


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