Jesus Sure Loves Standing in Line at Radio Shack

And he is far too patient for my blood (Well he used to be anyway!)

You should have been there and experienced him WITH ME for almost three hours! It was a nightmare (sorry Jesus, I meant a relational dream!)

Did you hear me?! Almost three hours in line at a Radio Shack on a Friday evening that still has my knees screaming “Impossible!! Never again!”

I know it had to be Jesus because I would never have personally stood in a line waiting on service at Radio Shack for three hours apart from him! I most certainly wouldn’t have tried to make things easier for Alonzo (the employee who was helping me out as best he could with an obviously inefficient computer system and phone updating process!)

As the hours went by, you should have seen Jesus smile through me at all the other people that came in!!

He even used my lips and eyes to greet them, even when they weren’t looking at me!  He also had the audacity to share his thoughts with me that not only was I gazing upon Radio Shack employees and customers, but that I was also gazing upon my adopted brothers and sisters in him and that joining him in his prayers for each one of them surely wouldn’t hurt, and would help, as I passed the long time away!

Looking for a reason to snap at someone during that frustrating time, I tried to find meanness in a Radio Shack employee named A.J.’s face!

If I could see even slightly a not-so-nice demeanor then I could have more justification for being angry and blowing up while I stood in that line. But nooooooooooooo, it wasn’t to be with Jesus. As I saw A.J. fiddle with his fancy Blackberry phone Jesus thought it would be better to ask him what kind of phone he had, and for the next half hour help me learn a lot of good things about phones while relating with one of his nicest adopted brothers on the Radio Shack block!

Then, 3 or 4 other customers happened to come in and stand in line behind me!

Boy were they in for aching feet, too, because my situation was more troublesome and complex than they would have believed! For a minute that made me feel good! I mean GREAT! Now I wouldn’t have to suffer the waiting game “alone”, plus, it was possible that our combined and impatient waiting pressures would force Alonzo to push my situation along more swiftly! But noooooooooooo! It was not to be with Jesus! While Alonzo waited on the phone to get more help for me, Jesus happened to share with him his tremendous multi-tasking ability. You should have seen him wait on hold, answer another phone line AND ring up those other customers ahead of me! And yet even more of Jesus’ friendliness through me! To my amazement I found Jesus saying through me, “Go right ahead of me, no problem! My situation is going to be awhile and there’s no need for you to wait! My pleasure!” My pleasure??????!!!! Is Jesus kidding me???

2 hours later my knees and weakened back were SCREAMING and about ready to conk out, and my feet were ready to run out of that store when Jesus whispered to me, “This is an OPPORTUNITY to share in my life and build even more patience! Tim, don’t storm out and risk offending Alonzo who is trying to help you with all of his mind and strength! Strengthen him with my consideration, courage and presence! He’s my son and I love him too! Why don’t you pray for Tina over there. You’ve observed what a tough time she’s been having not getting proper customer service because of the emphasis on profits and not people in this store culture! Pray for Clif, the store manager too, cause you can get a sense of the tension he’s under trying to serve the customer and the misaligned system of the Radio Shack business culture! Admire my patience, self-control and patience in Tina, pray for Clif’s education in the Good News, and continue to remember how hopeful this situation is because I live in all of you!”

Alright Jesus, but not a half-hour more, cause surely I can’t take it!

AND thank Jesus it was only about a half hour more and I was with him out the door and in my car speeding home!! BUT, not before watching Jesus extend my hand towards Alonzo, THANKING HIM for his diligent and thorough service toward me, AND, looking for A.J. to tell him “Take care and see you later (as if I really would go back to that place!)” Ha-Ha! Of course I’ll go back – I am too much of a gadget junkie, and the store is too convenient for my lazy traveling bones!

I hope you haven’t misunderstood the title of this post!

Jesus was with me in Radio Shack, and believe me, I don’t think he REALLY liked how much my back and knees were hurting! BUT, while he was standing in line with me, Jesus surely was loving on me and all the others in Radio Shack with me! NOT “Jesus Loves Standing in Line”, but, Jesus LOVES (while) Standing in Line!

And if Jesus was with me in that long line at Radio Shack, Who is that loving with you in the long line at Wal-Mart? The bank? Traffic? The grocery store? The amusement park? The concert?

I think we now know Who!

~ Timothy Brassell

6 comments so far

  1. Jerome on

    Wow! What a wonderful testimony of the saving presence of Jesus! He saved you from missing out on participating with Him in ministry “as you were going.” Hey! And we used to think all that discipling could only happen at “church” on the weekend – Not! Thanks for the encouragement, Pastor Tim.

    • tjbrassell on

      Thank you for your encouragement as Jesus lives in you, too, my Brother Jerome!

  2. Boyd Merriman on

    What? RS had that much business???

    I have had similar experiences. It’s so much easier to storm out or get frustrated, but as you said, “noooooooo Jesus wouldn’t have it that way”.

    Thanks for sharing YOUR humanity with us (and Jesus).

    (BTW, I thought I saw him standing in line at McDonalds the other day. He sure gets around a lot!)


    • tjbrassell on

      Yes, Boyd, the “Light of the World” REALLY does live Who (and where!) He is – Everywhere! Ha-Ha!

  3. Michael William Smith on

    Jesus sure sounds wonderful in you Tim! Thank you for sharing with us what our Lord is doing through you brother!

    • tjbrassell on

      Michael! Thanks! I don’t know how I have missed you and your website all this time, but last night I discovered you and enjoyed many of the good Gospel meals on your website, The Dynamic Reality! Good Gospel Stuff! Glad to be servin’ up and eatin’ up the Good News Meal with you in the Blessed Grace of God the Trinity!!

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