To Live Greatly in My Kingdom

A Trinitarian Christ-centered interpretation of Matthew 5.17-32…

Don’t misunderstand me; I’m not here to negate Torah.  I’m here to do what Torah wanted to do but couldn’t. (18) Every syllable of Torah is there for a purpose, and every single one of them will see its mission accomplished 100%. You can count on that more than you can count on the stars staying in the sky. (19)  I have given you my kingdom; my reign is in your midst.  But to obey me just a little bit is to experience my kingdom just a little bit.  To obey me greatly is to live greatly in my kingdom. (20) I live greatly with my Papa in the Spirit; I want THAT for you, and I will not settle for anything less.  I don’t want you to miss out on ANY of this!

The religious professionals don’t know jack about the relational rightness I’m talking about, so don’t listen to them.  Listen to ME:

(21) They say “Don’t murder, or you’ll be liable to judgment.” (22) But I say you’re liable to judgment if you merely harbor resentment toward others.  If you insult them, an even harsher judgment will be necessary.  Calling someone names is a disease so serious that it can only be cured by fire, if it is to be cured at all!  The Triune Life is about more than just not murdering one another; it’s about love and peace! (23) There is no such thing as sharing in the mutual-giving of the Trinity without being reconciled to your brothers and sisters.  (24) If you have a conflict that is unresolved, go resolve it NOW.  It’s your top priority. (25) If you are being sued, do everything you can to settle the matter without going to court.  Whenever you can, you want to work through relationships, not through judicial machinery. The machine can throw you in jail (26) or bankrupt you before you even know what’s happening.

(27) They say “Don’t have sex with someone you’re not married to.” (28) But I say, to do it in your heart is just as destructive as doing it with your body.  Objectification is poison both for you and for your victim, and Papa has zero tolerance for the poisoning of his children. (29) No surgery is too drastic to cut malignant sexual cancers from your life.  (30) If any part of your life has become a doorway to sexually distorted ways of thinking and behaving, cut it off and throw it away.  If you don’t, it can destroy you.

(31) They say “Don’t divorce your wife without giving her paperwork.” (32) But I say paperwork does not make it okay to discard a woman like a pair of worn-out shoes.  In cases of extreme marital problems (unfaithfulness, for example), divorce is sometimes the best way for husband and wife to love one another.  But frivolous divorce is no better than adultery.

~ John Stonecypher

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  1. tjbrassell on

    More Gospel like this, in and through John, Holy Spirit! More, please!

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